367-VBK & 367-VOL

367-VBK & 367-VOL

Wanna try some Quack?

Quack is all about your experience, living in the moment right now. That is where we want to meet you and right now, that is the only place you can get your Quack. You can discover us at experience based retailers all across North America.

Ask for us by name wherever you find yourself! Our passion is connecting with you while you’re connecting with your experience. #duckeverywear

Hey? What’s in it for me?

Buy one of our products and get a free shirt on us. It’s Easy!

Take a pic of what you bought with the storefront you got it from. Share on Facebook or Instagram we’ll send you a lil something-something!


Heading out on your next trip? Let us know where you are going and we will point you in the right direction for some great quack!

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