Why stop at shirts? So many of our designs make great stickers, magnets, or coffee mugs. Let your memories of hiking Mount Evans or scuba diving in Maui come with you everyday with these great accessories.



These perfectly sized stickers go great just about anywhere. Water bottles, laptops, car windows are all great places for your favorite designs. Though size varies by design they are typically between 3-4 inches in both width and height.


2D Magnets

Got pictures that you want to hang on your fridge? Of course you do! Grab a few of our magnets and now every time you have friends over you can regale a time you hiked the Appalachian trail with a picture and a magnet to prove it! Though size varies by design they are typically between 3-4 inches in both width and height.


Christmas Ornaments

When the Holiday season starts after Halloween, Christmas is never far away. If you’re a collector these are great ways to see where you’ve been every Christmas season or if you like giving the gift or jealousy send a few of these to friends to show off *wink*

Though size varies by design they are typically between 3-4 inches in both width and height.



Standard 4x6 postcards these make a great affordable gift to let that special someone know you’re thinking of them. In an electronic world these matter all the more to the recipient.



Don’t like stains on your nice new coffee table? Neither do we… Grab a set of our coasters with 4 per pack to give you a smile while protecting your tables. Only thing they can’t do is force your roommate to use one… Just under 4 inches square



Find a design that truly must be with you all day-every day? Snag one of our key chains that’s just the right size to be able to see all the detail and not be burden in your pocket. Size varies per design but typically around 2 inches wide and high.

Accessory-Shot Glass.jpg

Shot Glass

Queue T-Pain…Time to have a great night with friends out of a shot glass from your favorite travels. Standard 1 oz size to keep your cocktails just the right strength and made out of a durable ceramic in case slamming a few back is more your speed.


Coffee Mugs

15 oz of that sweet sweet caffeine to start your day off right. These come both in standard white ceramic or if you want to get a little crazy, we have a color coated interior option in six colors to match the palette of whatever design tickles your fancy.



Are you more of an on the go type rather than a desk type? We’ve got you covered with our 22 oz tumblers. Our tumblers always come with a lid (ahem…unlike some other brands) because we know you’ll be bringing this little bad boy everywhere. Vacuum insulated helps keep your coffee hot and your iced tea cold. Available with either a clear background or a solid background in a complimentary color to the design.